Before I head home for a weekend of slow internet, I thought I would take advantage of the faster connection at school to upload some more signs for you guys.

1. Paper or Plastic?

The grocery store near my apartment accepts all of your cards. Visa...Visa Electron...Visa...

2. Who you tryin to get crazy with, ese? Don't you know I'm loco?
Unfortunately this place was closed the days I was in town, so I don't know what "crazy food" entails. But I am hoping to find out soon.

3. Monumental chicken

So these little green signs (bottomish left) are everywhere to point you in the right direction to other cities or important areas around town, like the airport or hospital. Or, in this case, the local chicken restaurant. That is highly visibly from the street. And has its own sign (I couldn't fit all 3 items in the picture). I can think of no good reason for the government to have spent money on this sign, other than the fact that it provided a good laugh for me everyday on my way to school.

4. Thank goodness for white-out

My students LOVE white-out. To an excessively ridiculous point. Apparently it is a cultural thing, as you can see from this sign. It was cemented in facing the wrong direction. Fortunately, whoever made that mistake was adept at liquid paper usage, and the wrong was quickly whited...I mean righted.

5. Cheapest PADI certification in the world

So as I was exploring Roatan, I came across this sign noting that a good scuba place is nearby. The only water within a 10 minute walk in any direction is this scummy drainage pond. yum. There really are tons of beautiful places here, despite this unfortunately placed sign.
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  1. Sarah Says:

    I happen to love white-out too. Or, as the politically correct way to say it is, "correctional fluid." Although, the stuff I use is little strips of sticky paper rather than goo. AWESOME!! :)

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